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Hubei Golden Ring New Materials Tech Ltd
Hubei Golden Ring New Materials Tech Ltd(000615.SZ) created in 1993, a subsidiary of Hubei Chemical Fiber Group the state-owned large conglomerate founded in 1968, is a leading producer of viscose fibers, cellulose films, and specialty pulp, also called as refined cotton pulp in China. The company listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in Oct. 1996.
    To achieve total customer satisfaction, we are committed to delivering superior quality products and unsurpassed services to our customers. Our Golden Ring brand viscose filament yarns, chemical fiber grade cotton linter pulp, nitrocellulose grade specialty pulp, cellulose ether grade specialty pulp, and cellulose films,the degradable eco-friendly packing materials are well sold to domestic market and overseas market.
    Pursuing the concept of sustainable development,we're committed to continuous improvement through innovations as we reduce the environmental impact of our operation. The certifications of ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and Quality Safety (QS) for cellulose films food contact drive us to operate healthier, safer & more environmentally-friendly as well as guide us on the journey to excellence.
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